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Deborah Levine, MD, MPH, breaks down her recent study and explains why black individuals with a higher blood pressure level may be linked to racial disparities in cognitive decline.
Donovan T Maust, MD, MS, geriatric psychiatrist, discusses his recent study highlighting the rates of overdoses among adults aged 65 to 69 as well as fall-related injuries among adults 80 years and older following Medicare’s expansion of…
Brian Callaghan, MD, MS, associate professor of neurology, University of Michigan, discusses the correlation between out-of-pocket costs and adherence to medications among older adults with dementia, Parkinson disease, and neuropathy.
Carrie Patnode, PhD, MPH, investigator with Kaiser Permanente Evidence-based Practice Center, discusses the results of a recent research review that examined the accuracy of brief screening instruments designed to help detect mild cognitive…
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