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Express Scripts Launches Pharmacy Kiosk Program

June 07, 2018

Express Scripts customers will soon be able to have prescriptions filled at a handful of MedCenter self-service pharmacy kiosks in grocery stores, pharmacies, and clinics in Phoenix and Tucson, Arizona. The pilot program is the result of a new collaboration between Express Scripts and healthcare tech company MedAvail, maker of MedCenter kiosk pharmacies.

The program will begin with 6 MedCenter kiosks but, by year’s end, a total 15 MedCenters are expected to be operational around Phoenix and Tucson. Plans call for expanding access to other customers in Arizona as well as in Illinois over the next 12 months.

“We believe this technology, when deployed on a larger scale, could have the potential to bring pharmacy dispensing to employer sites, hospital emergency rooms, community clinics, and university campuses,” said Glen Stettin, MD, chief innovation officer at Express Scripts in a press release. “This technology also could help community pharmacists increase their community presence and the efficiency of their operations, relieve congestion at retail pharmacy counters, extend a pharmacy's hours of operation, and allow pharmacists to focus on their important role in providing clinical care to patients.”

MedCenters dispense prescriptions under the supervision of licensed pharmacists. Patients have around-the-clock access to pharmacist service through a smartphone app or private audio-visual communication technology at the kiosk. Functions associated with prescription dispensing —including review of medical history, allergies, and potential drug interactions, and patient counseling — are performed by licensed pharmacists. Once safety concerns are addressed, MedCenter can dispense a prescription within 90 seconds.

“This consumer experience can do for pharmacy care what the ATM did for personal banking — enable greater access and efficiency, especially during times of immediate need, while streamlining the experience for those consumers who need expert counsel and support from a pharmacist,” said Dr. Stettin.

Jolynn Tumolo

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