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How I Practice Now: Addressing Situations in Nursing Facilities Not Designed for a Pandemic

April 07, 2020

php logoSteven Buslovich, MD, and Margaret Sayers, MS, GNP, discuss the current stress nursing facilities are under and explain the importance of assessing frailty to determine appropriate care for chronically ill residents. 


To learn more about the frailty scale Dr Buslovich mentioned, see below. 

Patient Pattern has released a free frailty risk assessment tool to help identify individuals at the highest risk of mortality from stressors and infections, i.e. COVID-19. We encourage clinicians and consumers alike to utilize and disseminate this resource during these increasingly difficult times.

If there is any assistance their team can provide around the use of this tool or the operationalization of frailty risk, please do not hesitate to reach out.

Begin your free assessment by clicking the link below:

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