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Editorial Advisory Board

Melissa Andel, MPP
Vice President of Health Policy
Applied Policy

William Cardarelli, PharmD
Director of Pharmacy Revenue and Supply, Atrius Health
Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates

Catherine Cooke, PharmD, BCPS, PAHM
President, PosiHealth, Inc.
Research Associate Professor, University of Maryland School of Pharmacy

Mitch DeKoven, MHSA
Principal, Health Economics & Outcomes Research
Real-World Evidence Solutions
IMS Health

Jeffrey D. Dunn, PharmD, MBA
Chief Clinical Officer/Senior Vice President, VRx Pharmacy Services

Larry Hsu, MD
Medical Director, Hawaii Medical Service Association

Charles Karnack, PharmD, BCNSP
Assistant Professor of Clinical Pharmacy, Duquesne University

Gary Owens, MD
President, Gary Owens Associates

Thomas Morrow, MD
Chief Medical Officer, Next IT, Formerly at Genentech

Arthur F. Shinn, PharmD, FASCP
President, Managed Pharmacy Consultants, LLC

Norm Smith
President, Viewpoint Consulting, Inc

Daniel Sontupe
Executive Vice President, Director Market Access & Payer Marketing
The Bloc Value Builders

Barney S. Spivack, MD, FACP
Medical Director, Medicare

S Russell Spjut, PharmD
Manager, Formulary Management
MagellanRx Management
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