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Annals of Long-Term Care
Have you received the COVID-19 vaccine? Annals of Long-Term Care wants to hear about it! Tell us about the process of being scheduled for the vaccine and your experience in the days following vaccination. Annals_COVID Vaccine PollThank you for submitting a response.
Annals of Long-Term Care
Chris Caulfield, RN, NP-C, chief nursing officer, IntelyCare, discusses current shortages facing skilled nursing facilities (SNF) and how it compared to times before the pandemic, how SNFs are utilizing temporary staff, and offers tips on how short staffing can be addressed since there may be staff…
Annals of Long-Term Care
Ronald J. Shumacher, MD, FACP, CMD, chief medical officer for Optum Care Services, an integrated community-based care solution for high-risk, chronically ill and medically complex populations across multiple settings, discusses a recent study that looked specifically at inpatient…
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