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“Concerns of hyperkalemia and protein inadequacy related to plant-based diets may be outdated and unsupported by the current body of literature,” researchers concluded.
"Health benefits from consumption of high [potassium] foods may also be enhanced by use of these binders," researchers said. "In conclusion, there are new well tolerated and effective [potassium]-…


James J. Matera, DO, nephrologist and vice president of Medical Affairs at CentraState Medical Center in Freehold, New Jersey, recently discussed the challenges of managing hyperkalemia in patients with comorbid CKD and cardiometabolic disease, as…
Managing hyperkalemia is complex and current options are limited; new therapies may address treatment gap.
  New Treatment for Hyperkalemia Current therapy options are limited and there is an increased risk of drug–drug interactions when patients take >1 potassium increasing drug. Hyperkalemia is defined as elevated serum potassium concentrations…
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