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Michael Cawley, PharmD, discusses the recent news of the Department of Justice saying it was suing Walmart for unlawfully dispensed controlled substances through their pharmacies, and stresses the need for more corporate responsibility.
Merissa Andersen, PharmD, MPH, 2020-2021 ISMP fellow, reviews a case of an 88-year-old LTC resident who was prescribed fentanyl in the ER after a fall and then switched to oxycodone upon returning to the LTC facility, and provides ISMP…
Sami Hanna, PharmD candidate, Touro University, explains why regional and state stakeholders and policy makers should utilize prescription monitoring programs to better address rural overdoses and increase the availability of Naloxone.
Jessica DeMartino, PhD, Manager, Health Outcomes Insights and Solutions, Vaccines US Health Outcomes, GSK, reviews her recent research that examined opioid use and painkiller treatment patterns among patients with shingles, and explains the…

Interactive Features

Veterans diagnosed with what condition are at higher risk for chronic opioid therapy?
Which narcotic pain medication—used to treat moderate to severe pain—has been recalled in the last two FDA Enforcement Reports?
A recent study, published online in JAMA Network Open, was the first study of veterinary opioid prescriptions.
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