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Medication Errors

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A Class II recall is active for a prescription drug used to treat high blood pressure.
A recall is active for a prescription steroid used to treat a variety of skin conditions, such as eczema, dermatitis, and rash.


Damon Birkemeier, PharmD, FDA/ISMP safe medication management fellow, provides recommended sterile compounding best practices identified by ISMP.
A Class II recall is active for a prescription analgesic injection used during anesthetic periods, premedication, induction and maintenance, and in the immediate postoperative period.
In part III of this series, Neha Kumar, PharmD, discusses errors associated with pharmacy management and distribution of oxytocin, as well as other communication errors, and also provides mitigation strategies.
In part II, Neha Kumar, PharmD, 2019-2020 FDA/ISMP Safe Medication Management Fellow, discusses a variety of errors that were associated with administration of oxytocin as well as risk mitigation strategies.
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