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Patients are often forced into using brand names because drug formularies favor them over cheaper competitors.
A top US lawmaker launched an investigation into pharmaceutical industry pricing practices on Monday, less than a week after he and fellow Democrats introduced legislation aimed at lowering medicine…


In this roundtable discussion, 3 experts, including the author of a recently-published ASHP guideline for managing drug shortages, explain their best practices and how they are gearing up for expected shortages in the coming months.
Although no other health system in the world is perfect, I believe reviewing the coverage of drugs within the context of their overall economic value is a strength other health systems have shown to be effective.
So what should we recommend as the standard aspirin dose for primary prevention? 
Michael Menchine, MD, discusses his recent study that examined opioid prescribing rates following the death of a patient and explains why the pen might be mightier than the pill.
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